Handmade in the
Nile Delta

About nilo kilim

The birthplace of our kilims is Fowwa, a small town in the Egyptian Nile Delta, where they are traditionally made by hand. We work with local weavers who are paid a fair price for their work. The production of a kilim can take several days, depending on the design and size. We do not mass produce and value the uniqueness of each piece.

What is a kilim?

The kilim is a sturdy, flat-woven rug made of wool and cotton. Our rugs are woven on wooden looms using the slit weaving technique, which involves weaving sheep’s wool into a cotton base. With their authentic aesthetic, often characterised by simple geometric patterns, our kilims have a cosy and grounding effect.

The handwork is always visible. The kilim is not a uniform machine-made product, it does not have perfect straight lines and angles. The imperfections and irregularities of this woven carpet, the „beauty of imperfection“, are proof of its authenticity.

Unique and fairly produced

We design and produce our own kilims. Creativity and ethical production are our top priorities. We put a lot of effort and love into developing modern designs and making sure our weavers are paid fairly.

Our collection is constantly evolving to offer our customers a colourful range of woven carpets. And if you are looking for something unique, we also offer custom-made rugs. We want each of our kilims to suit your individual taste and style.


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